The competitiveness that characterizes most markets implies a constant search for new business opportunities and rapid responses to competitive threats. In this way, organizations are under permanent pressure from shareholders, and management focuses on activities that have an impact on sales and results. TeamView helps achieve the goals set by delivering solutions that are applicable to the commercial and marketing areas, innovative and results oriented.

Competitive advantage

Focusing on the commercial and marketing areas, implementing business strategies adapted to the specifics of each sector and the organization. We believe that engaging in consulting is not complete until the client can successfully implement it.

Business Strategy Implementation

Business Climate Diagnosis

  • Organizations are experiencing increasing transformations technological and organizational. These changes instruments, work processes, and people management, with implications for the redefining the profiles of employees required to perform the new functions.
  • The organizational climate reflects organizational changes. The diagnosis of the climate information on organizational change reactions, strategies and leadership, communication processes, the level of participation in the work, and the motivation of employees.

ATeamView helps companies diagnose the organizational climate by designing effective strategies for initiating and monitoring the change process.

Business Plan Development

  • A well-organized and written business plan reveals the organization’s strengths, and the potential of growth and results. It is a critical piece for fundraising, attract partners, potential buyers, or to obtain additional funding
  • TeamView has a large experience implementing business plans. We can help you create a favorable and realistic presentation about your company.

Business Audits

  • The Business Audit will analyze three types of situations: good practices, methodological gaps, and situations
    yet to be addressed. During the business audit process and in the optimization phases, benchmarking principles and best practices will be used. In all situations there will be a exhaustive adaptation to each company.
  • The commercial audit carried out by teamView includes a comprehensive service, including the transposition of objectives, business modeling, business and coaching skills, customer platform, large accounts and special clients, route management, business function structure and policies, business methodologies, and systems and tools for measuring business effectiveness.


Benchmarking is “compare to improve”. For this you need to compare your company with competitors, as long as leaders in areas where your organization intends to improve.

The benchmarking process consists in the identification of what a clear objective is. Without clear objectives the visit to other organizations brings information without usefulness.

The teamView benchmarking methodology is based on a systematic process, based on visits planned to fairs and companies, which gives information to improve processes.

Service Quality Evaluation

The quality of a service results from a set of behaviors, which need to be standardized and communicated throughout the organization. The quality, the value perceived by the customers, and the service to the client, are effective when delivered consistently, as an integral part of the culture of the organization.

People do not perform a better service just because they are told to do so. For change to happen, people have to understand the correct behaviors and exercise them continuously. Our Service Quality evaluation program is developed on these premises of change, combining formative actions, mystery visits, and creation of performance evaluation processes that ensure the maintenance of high levels of quality of service.

Business Development

Business Development Model – ComercialView

CommercialView is a support tool for companies with a sustained commercial activity, allowing the necessary flexibility to adapt the model to its profile and its surroundings. It includes an internal information system and a external information system.

This tool presents an added value for the companies since it presupposes the evaluation of the implemented activities and, if the results do not correspond to the initially established objectives, an individual improvement plan will be established, involving managers in a coaching system to their employees.

The commercialView relies on specific company-wide support and business management procedures as well as the adoption of a market-oriented culture.

The Commercial Management Model (CommercialView) consists of an internal business management model that allows analyzing the company’s business model, alleged deviations, and its correction if they occur.

Mystery Shopping

Audit methodology using unidentified buyers and / or users and that allows to evaluate a certain service.

The teamView has its own methodology using innovative and customized methods to each sector or company, thus contributing to the development of its clients´companies.

Market Audit

Market Audit is a powerful tool for analyzing the market potential and of commercial teams. TeamView accurately measures critical success factors which influence consumer buying decisions.

Although each Market Audit is customized, they usually result in: effective segmentation of the market; identification of functional and emotional benefits valued by consumers in each segment;  direct maps competitors; performance measurement, customer satisfaction indexes, and tacit actions and strategies to maximize the resources of the organization.

Sales Team Sizing

Creating an effective sales force is fundamental, whether it is online or face to face sales. However, creating an effective and efficient sales team can be time-consuming, expensive, and frustrating.

TeamView can help you create effective sales teams in a short period of time. time, through the identification of the right profile, characteristics, experience, skills and knowledge to represent your organization. We help your company in the training process of these individuals and developing them to become productive and motivated elements.

New Product Marketing

The increase in the rate of launching new products in the market makes it difficult to maintain the positioning and sustainability of differentiation points. In fact, placing products on the market in a differentiated way and valued by customers is the permanent challenge of any organization.

TeamView helps you implement product strategy by providing market analysis, testing pricing and packaging strategies, and proposing promotional support plans for product launch.

Customer Retention Capability Assessment (RetentionView)

The increased rate of launching new products in the market makes it difficult to maintain the positioning and sustainability of the differentiation points. In fact, placing products on the market in a differentiated way and valued by customers is the permanent challenge of any organization.

TeamView helps you implement product strategy by providing market analysis, testing pricing and packaging strategies, and proposing promotional support plans for product launch.

Company and Product Reputation Analysis

Current market trends make it imperative to have an in-depth knowledge of and the importance of the intangible elements associated with the brand and its management.

 There is a growing interest in the strategic importance of the alignment between the identity and its image with the consumer public.

TeamView applies a methodology that measures the brand reputation of the products or corporate in different dimensions, comparing with the best examples in the industry. From this analysis, companies identify the gaps and areas for improvement so that the brand reputation comes close to the required identity.

Human Resource Development

Performance Evaluation Systems

In recent years there have been changes with impact on performance management assessment systems, following the introduction of competency-based assessment and 360º development.

In order to face these changes, teamView has developed in a customized way to its clients models that allow the cross-checking of the performance aligned with company objectives, obtaining also an insight on the best practices used in each functional area.

Skill Management

Organizations are largely differentiated by the quality of internal resources. In this way, management must gain a thorough knowledge of the organization, especially intellectual assets, and then develop and improve individual and group skills.

TeamView helps you manage human resources competencies in your organization by analyzing and describing roles, diagnosing and planning  training needs; develop contents adequate to the reality, and in the accomplishment of formative actions to minimize the gaps identified in the diagnosis of competences.

Assessment Centre

The Assessment Center is designed to help make the best decisions while identifying and promoting employees. Competency development centers identify the strengths and develop people within organizations.

Our methodology is based on the concept of competence as observable behavior associated with effective professional performance, involving several evaluation techniques, development, several observers and several participants.

Compensation and Incentive Systems

Most commercial and marketing areas are influenced by incentives and recognition. A system of compensation and incentives will not be effective if it is perceived as unfair or unreal, failing organizational goals.

We propose a compensation and incentive system aligned with the organizational structure, based on metrics and organizational objectives. In the first phase, we analyzed the current incentive system, the metrics and the objectives. Next, we analyze the performance evaluation culture of the organization and the available tools. Based on the investigation of the average remuneration levels in the sector, we evaluated the current incentive system, refining it in order to create a remuneration and incentive motivator and influencer of desired behaviors.

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