Market Research

The best decisions are well researched. TeamView helps you to decide with confidence by combining the excellence of an academic body with the practical vision of experienced consultants in various industries. We provide a research service based on information collected through quantitative and qualitative means, anticipating sectoral trends and deepening themes of relevance organizational structure.


Our offer materializes in:
  • Situational analysis of a specific market, industry, and consumers;
  • Scope definition of a specific businesses and segments;
  • Identification of organizational competitive advantages;
  • Reports – Detailed studies on markets, products, consumers, etc .;
  • Executive Summaries – Concise information on matters of business relevance.

Situational Analysis

Market Studies including specific reports about the industry where products are embedded

  • Market environment
  • Economic trends
  • Available consumer income
  • Social trends

Characterization of the market and channels

  • Dimension in volume and value
  • Growth potential
  • Geographical dispersion
  • Segmentation
  • Competitive and potential products
  • Competitors
  • Available distribution channels and their representativeness

Characterization of consumer behavior

  • What do customers buy?
  • Who buys?
  • Where do they buy customers?
  • How do customers buy?
  • When do they buy customers?
  • Clients satisfaction?

Business Strategy Development

Targeting Decisions

  • Segments that the company should serve
  • Most important benefits of each segment
  • Preferred geographic areas

Product Decisions

  • Product characteristics most valued by customers
  • Concept development and testing
  • Generating brand descriptions and testing
  • More effective ways to position products
  • Preferred packaging by customers

Decisions on distribution channels

  • What kind of retailer is most appropriate for the products?
  • Determination of sales prices more suitable for the target segments
  • Location of distribution and production centers
  • Channel performance evaluation

Marketing Program Development

Decisions on Advertising and Promotions

  • Apelos a utilizar na Publicidade dos produtos
  • Veículos promocionais mais indicados
  • Montante de investimento mínimo para produzir efeitos na Publicidade
  • Tipos de promoções de vendas por canal

Price Decisions

  • Níveis ótimos de preços de venda
  • Análise de drivers de custos na formação de preços
  • Determinação da elasticidade ao preço

Decisions about the sales force

  • Clientes com maior potencial
  • Vendedores/chefias necessárias para uma efetiva cobertura das zonas comerciais?
  • Planos de incentivos da força de vendas
  • Estruturação do território

Data Collection

Primary Data

Collection of consumer or professional opinions based on questionnaires prepared together with clients. TeamView has a Consumer Panel and Business Dashboard, which can be used to get quick answers at controlled costs.

Secondary Data

Data available from internal teamView sources, from customers (statistics and reports), or from external sources (newspapers, government statistics, and reports, databases).


Qualitative Studies

They are based on a set of techniques that do not seek to measure the phenomenon, but only gain knowledge about it in an unstructured and very flexible way.

This process is often used before a quantitative study. Techniques applicable to this methodology include interviews and discussion groups.

Quantitative Studies

Set of techniques that aim to evaluate the market potential, consumers, companies, products, etc. through measurable attributes. For example, how many consumers prefer product A to product B when brands are hidden.

Collecting information methods include:

  • Omnibus Surveys : Questionnaires covering a variety of topics, for different clients;
  • Retail Audit : method of obtaining information about the movement of products or people within a point of sale or location, and may use interviews;
  • Postal Survey : inquiry sent by mail for completion and return by the same means;
  • Internet / Panel Survey : survey provided to fill in the web page of teamView, after sending invitations to the owner panel;
  • Network Survey : surveys carried out within the company’s computer network and made available to the company’s employees.
  • Survey by Disk : survey made available in a company at a fixed location (kiosk) to be filled out by the company’s people;
  • Text / Form Based E-mail Survey : Inquiries sent to the respondent’s mailbox (intra company or extra company).

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